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American Novels

American Novels

These are "books that live." was one strap line that aptly described the theme of this genre of storytelling which propelled some of America's (and the World's) seminal works of literature into the new mass-media machinery.

Bringing such classics as Tom Sawyer, my own childhood favorite book,The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Little Women, our features here are the American greats which I am sure you loved reading as a child and which may bring back some warm memories as you now hear them (perhaps for the first time) performed and dramatised as radio shows.


Broadcast: July 18, 1947
Added: Mar 31 2015
Broadcast: July 25, 1947
Added: Mar 31 2015
Broadcast: September 19th 1947
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Broadcast: September 26th 1947
Added: Aug 15 2013