Tom Sawyer Part 1

Tom Sawyer Part 1

Broadcast: July 18, 1947
Added: Mar 31 2015

Thomas "Tom" Sawyer is the title character of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by acclaimed author Mark Twain. This first part of two adapted radio shows follows the adventures of Tom and his friend Huckleberry (Huck) Finn.

This story revolves round the murder of Dr. Robertson who lies dead in a graveyard in the dark of night and the framing of an innocent man. Huck and Tom who witness it all from the darkness know that Indian 'injun' Joe is framing his drunken friend Muff Potter for the murder he himself committed. Scared of retribution from Joe, will Tom tell what he knows or will he 'keep mum' as he swore he would to Huck that fateful night?