Peter McCabe

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Born: 7 November 1945
Died: April 1998

Peter McCabe (born Peter Henry McCabe; 7 November 1945 – April 1998) was an English author, who wrote in a variety of genres.

He was an editor at Rolling Stone and Oui magazine, and is former editor-in-chief of Country Music magazine and a nationally syndicated country music columnist.

His first book was the 1972 Apple to the core: the unmaking of the Beatles, a book about the Beatles' breakup. It was also translated into Japanese as ビートルズの不思議な旅 / Bītoruzu no fushigina tabi  and Dutch as "Apple" tot op het klokhuis ; wat er met de Beatles gebeurde  He also published in 1984 a work with interviews of John Lennon, John Lennon : for the record,and in 1975 Honkytonk heroes : a photo album of country music 

His most widely known work, with 600 copies in US libraries, is his 1987 Bad news at Black Rock : the sell-out of CBS News 

He has also published several novels: Cities of Lies in 1993; Wasteland in 1994

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