Patrick Murphy

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Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: 1981

Patrick Murphy is an American Television producer for the Nine Network of Public Media, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri. He also serves as the station's Vice President of Production.

Since 1981, Murphy has been known as "Voice of Channel 9", producing and narrating such programing as the popular Living St. Louis and the nationally distributed A Time for Champions chronicling the St. Louis University soccer dynasty of the 1960s and 70s. He has also worked locally on many of PBS's national projects such as The War and Facing the Mortgage Crisis, an effort that was managed by The Nine Network.

Murphy has been honored for his outstanding work in television with four Emmys, two Auroras and numerous Tellys.

Source: Wikipedia

Life In Your Hands, ALife In Your Hands, A
Show Count: 14
Broadcast History: 7 June 1949 to 13 September 1949, 29 June 1951 to 21 September 1951, and 10 July 1952 to 21 August 1952
Sponsor: Raleigh Cigarettes, Heinz Foods
Cast: Carlton KaDell, Lee Bowman, Ned LeFerve
Director: Homer Heck, Jack Simpson, Patrick Murphy, John Cowan
Producer: Homer Heck, Jack Simpson, Patrick Murphy, John Cowan