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Lucky Dollar, The

Lucky Dollar, The

Broadcast: 10th December 1950
Added: Dec 10 2009
It is 7:30 on a simmering hot night, August 14th 1945. In a small Texas town not far from Corpus Christie Joe Barry is counting up the day’s receipts at his modest store. His wife Clare is locking up in the back when the lights go off. He goes outside to check the main switchbox and is knocked out by an armed robber. The thief then goes in to the store to steal the takings and is surprised to find a hysterical Mrs Barry and shoots her dead to shut her up. He steals all the takings which is only $45 and even the first dollar Mr Barry made which he had stuck to the side of the till and refers to as his lucky dollar. However the corner of the dollar was torn off and may be the undoing of the robber.