Cinnamon Bear

Jean King

Show Count: 12
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: November 4, 1917, Dallas, Texas, USA
Died: August 19, 1993, North Hollywood, California, USA
Once a poor girl in Dayton, Ohio, King rose to a six-figure income during the height of her popularity and after Phillip Morris picked up the sponsorship. King was married to radio producer, Bill Rousseau, who produced the highly popular Dragnet series.

Jean King was 76 when she passed away in 1993 and had written a book called Tune In Yesterday.

Death Valley DaysDeath Valley Days
Show Count: 4
Broadcast History: 30 September 1930 to 11 August 1931, 17 August 1931 to 3 June 1938, 10 June 1938 to 27 June 1941, 3 July 1941 to 3 August 1944, 10 August 1944 to 21 June 1945 and 29 June 1945 to 14 September 1951
Cast: Jack MacBryde, Tim Daniel Frawley, George Rand, Harry Humphrey, Harvey Hays, John White, Jean King, Edwin Bruce, Frank Butler, Geoffrey Bryant, Milton Herman, Paul Nugent, Rosemarie Broncato, Helen Claire, Robert Haag, Bob Warren, Donald Briggs, Olyn Landick
Director: Walter Scanlan, Florence Ortman
Producer: Dorothy McCann
Lonesome GalLonesome Gal
Show Count: 12
Broadcast History: 13 October 1947 to the mid 1950s
Cast: Jean King