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Giant Easter Bunny - Fertilizer

Giant Easter Bunny - Fertilizer

Broadcast: March 27, 1948
Added: Apr 08 2023

Riley has created a secret fertilizer for making his vegetables grow big and he thinks someone is out to steal it. Keeping guard  on his carrots he spots a rabbit in his garden. He tells his wife that before you know it those pesky rabbits multiply!  Meanwhile his daughter is out with her boyfriend Simon. Babs tells him her father is in charge of an Easter party at his Lodge and is struggling to think up of stunts to entertain the children. Simon has an idea to impress Mr Riley, he tells Bab's that he could dress up as an Easter Bunny as he has a giant rabbit suit. To surprise Riley he decides to put it on and sneak in through Riley's garden. Riley sure is surprised and thinks his fertilizer is making rabbits grow five times bigger!

Same story as the Easter episode broadcast April 20, 1946.