English Butler With Arthur Treacher

English Butler With Arthur Treacher

Broadcast: December 9, 1943
Added: Jan 23 2021

Lots of fun from this comedy duo. Bud and Lou go to an employment agency to hire a butler as Lynn Bari is coming to dinner tonight and they want to impress her. It's the night of their big party and they still haven't got a butler. There's a knock on the door but it isn't Lynn It's Arthur Treacher with his very posh English accent! It turns out Mr. Treacher is Miss Bari's butler and he's come to inspect the premises and the food before she arrives. Lou can't help himself imitating Treacher's English accent.

Freddie Rich and his orchestra play that Cole Porter favorite, I Get A Kick Out Of You

Connie Haines sings, If That's The Way You Want It Baby

Lynn Bari is on next week's show.