Charles Maxwell

Show Count: 10
Series Count: 0
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: December 28, 1913, Long Island, New York
Died: August 7, 1993, Los Angeles, California

Charles Carlton Maxwell (28 December 1913 – 7 August 1993) was an American character actor who worked primarily in television.

Maxwell frequently appeared as a guest star in western television series, including as GunsmokeLawmanRawhide, and The Rifleman. In 1959, he was cast as General Phil Sheridan in the episode "One Bullet from Broken Bow" of the NBC western series, Bat Masterson, starring Gene Barry in the title role. He appeared on NBC's Bonanza eight times as entirely different characters.

Maxwell was a regular on the short-lived series The Hank McCune Show and appeared as Virgil Earp in the Star Trek episode “Spectre of the Gun” in 1968.

Maxwell’s longest running role was neither a western, nor credited, when he was featured as the unseen radio announcer on CBS's Gilligan's Island.

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Broadcast: 12th January 1949
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