Candy Candido

Show Count: 4
Series Count: 1
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Born: December 25, 1913, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Died: May 19, 1999, Burbank, California, United States

Candy Candido (December 25, 1913 – May 19, 1999) was an American radio performer, bass player, vocalist and animation voice actor, best remembered for his famous line, "I'm feeling mighty low." Born Jonathan Joseph Candido in New Orleans, Louisiana, Candido, who later used the legal name John B. Candido, was a bassist and vocalist in Ted Fio Rito's big band, and they can be seen in a Soundie, "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me." In 1933 he married Anita Gordon, a singer who worked in radio and as the Singing Harp in Mickey and the Beanstalk (1947), and the singing voice for Jeanne Crain in State Fair (1945) "It Might As Well Be Spring."


Candido's distinctive, three-octave speaking voice became familiar to radio listeners and moviegoers. Speaking his lines in his normal tenor, he would suddenly adopt a high, squeaky soprano and just as suddenly plunge into a gruff bass. His weekly repetition of "I'm feeling mighty low" on Jimmy Durante's radio show made it a national catchphrase. The running gag became so familiar that he recorded a song of the same title with Durante. The line can be heard in the 1950 Bugs Bunny cartoon Homeless Hare, although it was not spoken there by Candido.


Candido provided the voice of a skeleton in Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion, and he later teamed with Bud Abbott during Abbott's attempted comeback in 1960. He was the voice of the bear in the Gentle Ben TV series, and he worked as a voice actor on animated films, notably for Walt Disney, where he portrayed the Indian Chief in Peter Pan, one of Maleficent's goons in Sleeping Beauty, the Captain of the Guard in Robin Hood, Brutus and Nero in The Rescuers, the Escaped Convict (Gus) in the Haunted Mansion attraction and Fidget the peg-legged bat in The Great Mouse Detective. Other animated films with Candido voices: Chuck Jones' adaptation of The Phantom Tollbooth, and the Ralph Bakshi movies Hey Good Lookin' and Heavy Traffic.


His various credited and uncredited roles as an actor, bassist and vocalist in live-action films include Sadie McKee (1934), Roberta (1935), Only Angels Have Wings (1939), The Wizard of Oz (1939), Rhythm Parade (1942), Campus Rhythm (1943), Sarge Goes to College (1947), Smart Politics(1948) and The Great Rupert (1950).


Candido recorded a few children's 78rpm records for Capitol Records:
CAS-3105 - Side one "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man", side two "The Little White Duck". (1952)
CAS-3156 - Side one "You're Nothin' But a Nothin'", side two "Barnacle Bill the Sailor". (1953)


Candy Candido died in his sleep at his Burbank, California home, of natural causes. He was survived by his wife, Anita, and was interred in San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

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Jimmy Durante Show, TheJimmy Durante Show, The
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Broadcast History: 10 September 1933 to 30 June 1950
Sponsor: Texaco, Camel Cigarettes, Rexall
Cast: Elvia Allman, Hope Emerson, Jimmy Durante, Florence Halop, Arthur Treacher, Victor Moore, Alan Young, Don Ameche
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