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Bulldog Drummond

Bulldog Drummond

Hugh Drummond is the urbane British police inspector, known for his indefatigable pursuing of criminals. The show was initially set in Britain but the detective soon moves west to tackle killers and counterfeiters across the pond. The immensely popular Bulldog will not let anything get in the way of his crime-solving and, as a result, he is successful in relieving America’s streets of some ruthless thugs.
Broadcast: 28th September 1941
Starring: George Coulouris
Added: Mar 18 2008
Broadcast: September 14, 1942
Added: Apr 07 2020
Broadcast: September 20, 1943
Added: Apr 09 2020
Broadcast: 26th June 1944
Added: Mar 24 2008
Broadcast: 23rd April 1945
Added: Mar 31 2008
Broadcast: 13th August 1945
Starring: Luis Van Rooten
Added: Apr 07 2008
Broadcast: 1947/01/17
Starring: Ned Wever
Added: Jul 30 2004
Broadcast: January 4, 1942
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 20 2004