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Barry Thomson

Show Count: 3
Series Count: 2
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Crime ClubCrime Club
Show Count: 31
Broadcast History: 2 December 1946 to 16 October 1947
Cast: Barry Thomson
Director: Roger Bower
Producer: Roger Bower
Host: Raymond Edward Johnson, Barry Thomson
30-minute murder mystery stories adapted for radio by Stedman Coles or Wyllis Cooper from based on and featuring some of the stories from the Doubleday Crime Club books.
Dick TracyDick Tracy
Show Count: 54
Broadcast History: 4 February 1935 to 11 July 1935, 30 September 1935 to 24 March 1937, 3 January 1938 to 30 September 1939, and 15 March 1943 to 16 July 1948
Sponsor: Sterling Products, Quaker Oats, Tootsie Rolls
Cast: Bob Burlen, Barry Thomson, Ned Wever, Matt Crowley, Walter Kinsella , Jackie Kelk, Andy Donnelly, Helen Lewis
Director: Mitchell Grayson, Charles Powers, Bob White
Broadcast: November 15, 1949
Added: Nov 26 2019