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You Could Die Laughing

You Could Die Laughing

Broadcast: 7th May 1946
Added: Oct 18 2009

Draw close your chair and if there are no faint hearts among us we’ll begin tonight’s tale of terror.

Three doctors have told Elwood Fitch that he has only a year to live unless he moves to Arizona but Elwood doesn’t know how he would make a living there. While driving home from a movie with his wife he ran a red light at speed and hit a man killing him. Elwood believes that no one saw them and he does not want to spend his last year in prison for manslaughter so they flee the scene.

The dead man turns out to be an underworld character named Stenga. Later a man named Chandler who was sitting in his car and saw the whole thing turns up and blackmails Elwood threatening to shop him to the police.

Elwood discovers that when you only have a year to live you act totally out of character.