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Yankee And The Scales, The

Yankee And The Scales, The

Broadcast: April 22, 1952
Added: May 27 2021

The Yankee and the Scales set in 1830 is the story of a dramatic challenge of inventor Thaddeus Fairbank's life and his struggle to turn a dream in to reality. The practical dreams of Thaddeus Fairbanks grew  in to a great American industry and "today" (1952) Fairbank Morse scales are used everywhere to weigh grain and cattle, trucks, trains and giant air force bombers. Under the guidance of Robert H. Morse junior whose grandfather accredits himself to Thaddeus Fairbanks The Fairbanks Morse Company carries on the honorable traditions set down by a young dreamer whose courage, integrity and determination have given him a place in the Cavalcade of America.