RUSC Radio - Halloween


Broadcast: 2nd March 1952
Added: Mar 08 2009

QUALITY WARNING NOTICE: Don't be fooled by the good introduction. This recording while audible is EXTREMELY crackly. If you have a better copy that you can share please contact Thank you.

Marty wasn’t sure when it began. It was too much like walking in the middle of a nightmare and then remaining in it living it. The shipwreck, the confusion it was all there again coming back to him but slowly, hazily though the strange buzzing in Marty’s ears was fresher and the sound of the sea, whirlpool of confusion and then gradually out of the whirlpool voices coming closer. But one thing was clear to Marty in those few minutes before the ship keeled over on its side, before he leapt in to the lifeboat, there was a girl standing in the gangway just outside her cabin. Marty remembered her face when she told him she was all alone in her cabin…