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What The Whiskey Drummer Heard

What The Whiskey Drummer Heard

Broadcast: 29th June 1958
Added: Jul 15 2012
Wilbur Hawkins was a Whiskey Drummer and was new in Dodge he had come from St Louis. When he heard the bartender call Marshall Dillon by his name he approached him with some important information. He told Matt Dillon that he was going to die. Hawkins had heard some men saying so when he was on his way to Dodge. He had stopped off and was trying to sleep when two men turned up and one gave the other $300 and said it was to kill Marshall Dillon.

This is basically the same as the broadcast on 1954.04.17 but with some slight changes and also starring James Nusser. In the interval and at the end there is some public information on political platforms.