What Every Woman Knows

What Every Woman Knows

Broadcast: March 2, 1947
Added: Mar 03 2015

The story begins at the home of the James and Maggie who live with their father in Scotland. James has just returned home, and is nervous about his sister discovering the news that the man Maggie had her heart set on marrying has chosen to take a different wife. But life must go on, so that evening, the menfolk tell her of the night time visitor who has been entering their home on an evening through the window.

It's a dark night, and this time they catch him! It turns out to be John Shand, a young politician-to-be, who has been entering their house to use their collection of books to study. To avoid the police, and the shame it would bring to his family, Maggie's father suggests that he take her hand in marriage. A very intelligent woman in her own right, after marrying the not-so-clever politician husband, she becomes the brains behind his success.