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Welcome for a Dead Man

Welcome for a Dead Man

Broadcast: 19th August 1975
Added: Jul 08 2013

This story is about a reunion and a man named Harry Begs, a very special man with a very special problem. He killed a factory cop and he got life in prison but he made himself a model prisoner and after 21 years 1 month and 3 days he is released. He was 50 years old but as far as he was concerned he was a dead man in a cheap suit with $20 in his pocket. He wants to go and see his  wife Edith but she doesn't want him in her life seeing how old she has grown. Then there's the fifty grand he stashed away following the robbery. Now he is a free man and the past has come back to haunt him in the form of a young man named Roy who wants to help him recover the loot.Harry tells him there is no money that he had dumped the money and doesn't know where. Roy doesn't believe him and is convinced that Harry buried the money some where.Harry wasn't interested in the money and in all his time in prison longed only to be back with his wife Edith.