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Ward Six

Ward Six

Broadcast: 13th December 1978
Added: Nov 12 2013

Adapted from the Classic short story by Anton Chekhov (1892). 

Set In a small village in the Russian heartland of the 19th century the story is relayed by Daryushka who for twenty years was housekeeper for Andrey Yefimitch the doctor in charge of the local hospital. Ward 6 was in the annexe out back and had only five patients who were all insane. At first the doctor was a very hard worker. But when he couldn't get any money to improve things he left the hospital to run itself. 

The only person in the whole village whose presence didn't irritate him was the postman Mihail. Mihail wasn't exactly well educated but he was the best the town had to offer and he came to see the doctor almost every evening. The doctor longed for intelligent conversation but none existed in this pit of a village with its dilapidated run down hospital.

Then Andrey Yefimitch began visiting Ward six, the lunatic ward.  It could be that years of futile routine have driven him mad or considering the town and its inhabitants, was it that the madhouse was the sanest place in the area.