Broadcast: June 13, 1956
Added: Sep 27 2020

You can never know what goes on in a person's life until you take the time to know a person. This is a beautiful heartwarming story of the kindness and integrity of human nature.

Host Bing Crosby finishes the show with this much of which, whatever your religious leanings is pretty relevant today some sixty plus years hence:

 "The Greatness of America and the future of our nation depends on all of us. America's destiny rests in the hands of every individual regardless of race or creed, and in every town and city throughout the nation. During recent years major crime has been on the up-swing. At the end of the last war aged seventeen led all the other age groups in arrests for serious crimes. More and more children it seems were being led towards crimes as parents throw away responsibility. Selfishness is too often the keynote of the day, materialism the inspiration for living. God in many instances is not accepted in the home and concepts of morality have been relegated to the junkie it seems. I wonder how  a nation can exist devoid of all religious thought and action. Can we have internal peace without morality. Can we build homes without God, have worthy parents who don't know and don't practice his teachings. The key to these problems and to life itself is God and he is man's first need in his final goal.

Our nation is sadly in need of a rebirth to the simple life a return to the days when God was a part of each household and families arose each morning with a prayer on their lips. And they ended the day gathered together to place themselves in his care. 

If there's a hope for the future of America, if there's to be peace and happiness in our homes then we as a nation have got to return to God and to the practice of daily family prayer.

Families that pray together, stay together."