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Voice Of Bugle Anne, The

Voice Of Bugle Anne, The

Broadcast: July 6, 1936
Added: Jun 27 2022
As usual this show is introduced by Cecil B. De MILLE who gives an interesting account of the Barrymore family’s connections with the theatre and films. He goes on to tell you what the play is all about. If you like family stories and homely home strung humor then this is well worth listening to. Bugle Ann is a hunting hound owned by farmer Barrymore. Unfortunately he has a miserable old neighbor who insists on putting up wire fences that as you and I both know, don’t go down too well with hunting dogs. As if that situation is not complicated enough, Barrymore’s son has to go and fall in love with the miserable old neighbors daughter…..That’s as much as I’m going to tell you. The rest is up to you.