Uninvited, The

Uninvited, The

Broadcast: November 18, 1949
Added: Jan 09 2023

Ray Milland stars as Rick Fitzgerald the same role he played in the 1944 Paramount Pictures film in this adaptation of Dorothy McArdle's ghost story, The Uninvited.

Rick and his sister Pamela move to an old deserted seaside house and discover that it is haunted by the sound of a sobbing woman. When a neighbor Stella Meredith, calls upon them they discover that she lived there, as a child until the age of three when her mother had died after falling over a cliff in to the sea and that she hasn’t been since. Her grandfather forbade her to go there saying that her life would be in danger…

At the end of the show Ray Milland introduces his screen director Lewis Allen. The Uninvited was the first film he had ever directed.