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Uncle Eurys Dollar

Uncle Eurys Dollar

Broadcast: March 13, 1951
Added: Mar 11 2021

This is the true story of how the Faith Cabin Library was created in the 1930's in South Carolina. When Willie Lee Buffington was a young child he had met and been inspired by an old colored man and school teacher Euriah Simpkins.

When Willie started his high school education Uncle Eury sent him a dollar from his forty dollar school teacher salary to buy provisions to help him study. Uncle Eury, Professor Euriah Simpkins set up a school for black children and invited Willie to the opening. The school had no books but this did not worry Uncle Eury, he had faith that the books would arrive. Willie could not forget about the empty book shelfs and remembering Uncle Eury's kindness of the dollar, Willie dug in to his pocket but all he had was one dime. He spent the dime on five 2 cent stamps and began his letter writing campaign and plea for books.  Finally the books arrived, so many books piled high, too many for the school that the idea was created for a log cabin library to be built.