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Trap In Gopher Canyon

Trap In Gopher Canyon

Broadcast: July 25, 1949
Added: Aug 07 2023

Gopher Canyon was devoid of vegetation. The floor was hard red rock, and the high walls were studded with caves. Stagnant, poisonous water lay in scattered pools. It was a hot ride through the canyon, but the Lone Ranger and Tonto had chosen that route to the town of Meredith as a short cut. Suddenly, Silver stopped after sensing danger on the trail ahead, which was closely followed by the sound of gunfire! The Lone Ranger and Tonto raced along the back trail to the beginning of the canyon, then changed their course and moved along the canyon's rim until they could look down at two men who were camped behind two large rocks. The Lone Ranger recognized the men as the Wilkin's brothers, who had just completed a stretch in jail, and were likely planning a new hold-up...