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Till Death Do Us Join

Till Death Do Us Join

Broadcast: April 25, 1975
Added: Apr 11 2014

Of all the painting he must have done in his solitary lifetime, there exists today, in remarkable condition, only one canvas of Godfrey Charleton's. He was a pupil of Gerard Bookman, who was in turn was a pupil of the great Rembrandt. The picture represents a chamber in an antique religious building . 

It's foreground is occupied by a young woman of startling beauty, her face illuminated by a strange smile, which is half lovely - half evil. In the background is the shadowy form of a man dressed in the old flemish fashion, propped up in a coffin. A fascinating picture, but a chilling one... No one who views the picture can repress a shudder. On the back of the canvas is a legend, written in cramped longhand by the painter, which may serve to explain why...