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Thus I Refute Bealsey / The Bookshop

Thus I Refute Bealsey / The Bookshop

Broadcast: 6th March 1957
Starring: Nelson Olmsted
Added: Mar 27 2008

Sleep No More, turn down the lights, slink back in to your chair and don’t look in to the shadows. In the shadows there may be moving things. Tonight it may be you will sleep no more…

The story of terror can be as simple as a sheeted ghost rattling chains. It can be of complex and hidden world of horror lurking in such holy dimensions as only the dead and the moonstruck can glimpse or it can be those terrible fathomless shadows which lie buried deep in the primitive mind of civilized men.

The First story Thus I Refute Bealsey is by a master of what one would call the clever story, John Collier.

The second story The Bookshop by Nelson S. Bond is a story about a place where better books than have ever been published are probably being read.