Thelma Jordan

Thelma Jordan

Broadcast: March 15, 1951
Added: Mar 19 2023

This is a radio version of the classic film noir, "The File on Thelma Jordon" from 1950. Starring Barbara Stanwyck as Thelma Jordon and Wendell Corey as Cleve Marshall, both reprising their original roles in this gripping tale of crime, passion, and betrayal.

Cleve Marshall is an Assistant District Attorney who is struggling with his personal life and is drowning his marital woes in a bottle of whiskey when the mysterious and alluring Thelma Jordon walks in to seek his help solving robberies of her aunt's estate. The two quickly embark on an illicit love affair, but things take a dark turn when Thelma's aunt is murdered during a burglary.

Cleve becomes increasingly entangled in Thelma's web of lies and deceit as she tries to cover up her role in the crime. Meanwhile, Cleve's colleagues and superiors become suspicious of his involvement in the case, and he must work to clear his name while protecting Thelma. Throughout the story there is a palpable sense of danger and tension as Cleve and Thelma spiral further into the web of their own making. Will they be able to escape the consequences of their actions, or will they be consumed by their own follies? 

Guest Screen director appears at the end of the program

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope star in the Chesterfield Cigarettes commercial.