RUSC Radio - 4th July
The Yanks Are At It Again

The Yanks Are At It Again

Starring: Lew Brown, Rubey Cowan
Added: Nov 11 2018

Read your hist’ry, read your hist’ry
And you’ll plainly see, How we came to be
The home of the brave and the free
It’s no myst’ry, it’s no myst’ry
How the thing was done
When you recall that we had men
Like Grant and Washington
The good old Yankee spririt’s in the air
And now old Kaiser Bill had better take care

The Yanks are at it again, again
The Yanks are at it again
You’ll find them ev’rywhere
On land and sea and in the air
Take a look at our men, our men
They’re going in and then
Old Kaiser Bill will surely get his fill before we’re through
For Uncle Sam will teach him lots of things he never knew
Our boys have never started anything they couldn’t do
Look out! Look out! The Yanks are at it again

Read the papers, read the papers
There is bound to be, News of victory
Our victory over the sea
Watch the capers, watch the capers
Of our brave Marines
They’ve shown the bragging Germans
What a real live fighter means
With Wilson as the captain of the crew
They’re learning what that Yankee spirit can do