RUSC Radio - 4th July
Tahl Tries To Capture Zarkoff

Tahl Tries To Capture Zarkoff

Broadcast: September 7, 1935
Added: Oct 03 2015

Last week, Flash Gordon, the invisible avenging shadow, jumped from the palace window and escaped. Azura the witch ordered him shot the next time his voice was heard. Back at the herdsman's cottage Zarkoff persuaded Dale that it was useless to follow Flash into the enemy territory, and the two settled down to wait for his return. At the palace, the wizard Tahl hit upon the brilliant idea of cutting off flashes supply of magic invisibility, thus forcing him to appear again. Then he sent out a company of soldiers to locate and capture Zarkoff. Whilst this was going on, Flash has discovered the cell in which they had placed the hawk man. Still invisible, Flash snatched the flame rifle from an unsuspecting guard, and with it, melted the lock on the cell door, and freed his friend Khan!