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Sylvia Won't Leave (0993)

Sylvia Won't Leave (0993)

Broadcast: 4th July 1941
Starring: Gertrude Berg
Added: Dec 08 2003
The Goldbergs as well as Sylvia’s father have tried in more than one way to prevent Sammy’s marriage to the girl. But the past in mind nothing seems more certain to outsiders that such a marriage will mean a life of unhappiness for them. But Sammy believes himself in love with the girl. Well Sylvia, Sylvia has changed. Under the influence of Dr Carter she has become something a little different from what she was. And the question stands as follows: Has the psychiatrist helped Sylvia and made Sammy worse? Has he made both cases worse or will Sammy marry the girl and put an end to whatever help is being offered? You get one of the answers right now…