Cinnamon Bear
Substitute Ranger

Substitute Ranger

Broadcast: June 10, 1949
Added: Jul 14 2023

Sheriff Jed Jackson sat in the noon day sun in from of the building that housed his office and the jail. He watched with amusement as his oldest friend, Thornton Hobbs, crossed from the opposite side of the street. Hobbs owned the bank, he was the mayor of Longhorn and one of its most important citizens. He wore ornate boots with high heels, a pair of six guns and a brand new sombrero of snowy whiteness. Jed couldn't help but laugh, especially when he ribbed his friend about copying the style of his hero, the Lone Ranger. He even wanted to take on the redskin currently languishing in the cells, as a companion - just like the Lone Ranger and Tonto...