Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Broadcast: July 26, 1951
Added: Jan 06 2024

This romantic comedy, which was a 1946 movie is a story of heaven and earth. Planet earth in the year 1945 is exploding in war. Peter Carter a Squadron Leader Lancaster bomber pilot finds himself in a perilous situation as his plane is hit in the night in the English fog. Before his plane goes down, he is contacted on radio by a concerned radio operator with a kindly voice an American named June. He tells her he loves her and is about to die as he has no parachute to bail out with. But Peter doesn't die, his French celestial messenger, Conductor 71, sent to transport him to heaven, loses him in the fog and Peter is found alive on a beach by his love June! 

The fact that Peter is now in love complicates things and Conductor 71 is assigned to visit earth and explain to Peter his error and bring him back to heaven. Of course Peter no longer wants to die, he wants a chance to live his life with his new found love but the only way he will be allowed to cheat his death is to stand before a celestial court and prove his love for June is true.

The president of the Screen Director's Guild, Mr George Sidney introduces the program.

Bob Hope and Hy Averback advertising spokesmen for Chesterfield cigarettes.