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Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Broadcast: October 27, 1947
Added: Aug 14 2021

This delightful comedy drama is the story of two worlds, the one you know called Earth and another existing only in the mind of a young pilot whose life and imagination have been violently shaped by war. It's 1945, shortly before dawn over the North Sea a Lancaster bomber riddled by shells and on fire struggles through a dense fog towards the English coast. The pilot, Peter D. Carter, makes the decision to bail out but he has no parachute. The last person he speaks to is a traffic controller named June who wants to help him. Peter is expecting to die and indeed an eighteenth century French man from the life beyond, an angel known as a conductor has gone to collect him. However in the pea-souper fog the conductor doesn't find him and Peter does not die and awakes on a beach in America and is discovered by June Adams whom he falls in love with. Now the conductor has gone back for Peter but Peter doesn't want to die and demands an appeal as everything is different now that he is in love.