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Sorry Wrong Number

Sorry Wrong Number

Broadcast: January 9, 1950
Added: Jul 04 2020
Lux Radio Theatre presents Hollywood starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster in Sorry Wrong Number. Tonight’s play reverses the usual relation between radio and motion picture. 
Sorry Wrong Number was first a radio drama and it achieved such success on the air that Al Wallis decided to make a picture of it. He assigned the author, Lucile Fletcher to expand her short drama into a full-length screenplay and the result was a triumph of suspense drama. 
The Paramount picture with Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster as the stars was one of the top films of the year. 

Tonight Sorry Wrong Number completes the circle and comes back to radio with Stanwyck and Lancaster in their original screen rolls as Leona and Henry.

When Leona tries to call her husband the operator puts her through to a wrong number and she over hears two men discussing a murder they are about to commit tonight.