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Search for Anthony Atwell, The (01)

Broadcast: 1967
Added: Jan 17 2014

This story is a dramatization of a real case of a missing person taken from the Missing Persons Bureau files in London but for obvious reasons names and addresses have been changed. 

There are many attractions for the tourists in London in fact almost as many as there are tourists. Of all the attractions London has to offer there are none to compare for color and splendour as the pomp and ceremony of the changing of the guard. On this day Henry Simon head of the Beureau of Missing Persons had been held up in a traffic jam near Buckinham Palace by the changing of the guard on the same day he was visited in his office by an old friend Sir Robert Attwell whose son was a member off the royal guard.

He could tell be the look on his face that something was wrong. Sir Robert Attwells's son Anthony Attwell had disappeared without a trace. Last Tuesday afternoon he was on duty at Buckingham palace then shortly after three he was found missing from his post by one of the constables on duty. His bearskin helmet and coat were later found in a sentry box and Anthony was reported as a deserter. He hasn't been seen since.