Sacred Apes Killed Episode 9 of 26

Sacred Apes Killed Episode 9 of 26

Broadcast: 11th May 1935
Added: May 09 2005
Professor Anton Edwards while in Africa searching for a lost race comes in to possession of a mummified head that talks. Its language according to the professor is one that he with another man has been studying for many years and which he attributes to the lost Atlantians. This talking head has been directing their travels but it lead them in to a dangerous situation with a tribe of cannibals dominated by an unknown white man. Through the efforts of Umguru, a huge Masai prince they escape and press on to climb a circular range of mountains. On reaching the top they find themselves standing on the edge of what appears to be a gigantic extinct volcanoes. There is an earthquake and the slab of rock on which they are standing starts to slide down in to the crater with the professor, Lorna, jack and Umguru holding on for dear lifeā€¦