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Richer By Asia

Richer By Asia

Broadcast: August 10, 1947
Added: Apr 17 2016

Today's headlines are filled with the news of trouble in Asia, fighting in Indonesia, civil war in China, bickering in India. Whatever our attitude may have been prior to World War II, we now know that in one world, rumblings in countries thousands of miles away inevitably have strong reverberations here in the United States. Many of you may remember that in 1940, a book was published by Edmund Taylor entitled, The Strategy of Terror. Mr Taylor's book had an important part in the awakening of the American people to the repercussions of the fall of France and the meaning of that to us across the Atlantic. In 1947 he wrote a new book, which some critics believed may be the most important book published that year, for it teaches a lesson which can help us to avoid World War III. The book is Richer By Asia.