Results Incorporated

Results Incorporated

Results Incorporated is a mystery-comedy-drama starring Lloyd Nolan as private Detective Johnny Strange and Claire Trevor as his secretary-cum-partner Terry Travers. The series began with Johnny running two ads in the newspaper, the first one in the personal column all capital letters went, “Results Incorporated, your problem is our problem, will locate your long-lost uncle, work your crossword puzzle, hold your baby. Where others fail, we succeed.” The other ad went, “Help wanted, female. Secretary wanted, blond, beautiful, between 22 and 28 years, unmarried, with the skin you love to touch and a heart you can’t”.

Haunted House was the first episode of Results Incorporated and was broadcast on October 7th 1944. Mutual Broadcasting System broadcast the series and each 30-minute episode was aired on Saturday at 9 pm. There were only 13 episodes made and the run ended on the 30th of December 1944.

Broadcast: 7th October 1944
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Broadcast: 16th December 1944
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Broadcast: 30th December 1944
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