Ralph Edwards, Connie Haines, Bob Hope

Ralph Edwards, Connie Haines, Bob Hope

Broadcast: October 11, 1945
Added: May 29 2023

What a treat! This episode of Command Performance is one of the servicemen overseas favorite shows Truth Or Consequences. It is hilarious and starts with host Ralph Edwards introducing first contestant army sergeant Ronald Cook from St Paul, Minnesota, who is tasked with calling a friend to borrow $25, sounds easy enough but he has to do it with Connie Haines on his lap flirting with him!

Next Contestant is housewife Mrs Frank Koonz. Her consequence is to while blindfolded feel four melons and tell which ones are ripe. But they are not all melons, two of them are bald headed men, actor William Frawley and comedian Edgar Kennedy.

Final contestant is Paul Reardon and his consequence unbeknownst to him involves Bob Hope in disguise!