Prodigal Hoodlum

Prodigal Hoodlum

Broadcast: November 17, 1950
Added: Oct 09 2014

Those who have dove most deeply into the problem of juvenile deliquency agree on this one point. Among youthful law breakers, there is no common denominator. Some are bright boys, some are dullards. Some come from broken homes, some from well-to-do familes. Similarly, each young criminal is what he is for many different reasons, no one factor is entirely to blame. Which is why there is no simple cure-all for the problem of juvenile delinquency, or for any individual who is classified as such. Tonights case from the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an example of this... 

Our file opens in the hospital ward of a prison located beside a river which runs through a large mid-western city. FBI Special Agent Taylor enters this ward and walks to the bedside of a patient...