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Pit & The Pendulum

Pit & The Pendulum

Broadcast: 10th November 1957
Added: Nov 04 2011

In a niche all his own apart from other great tellers of tales of terror stands the moody dark and devious genius Edgar Allan Poe. Obscure and ambiguous periods of his prose are not for the casual reader no more than for the casual listener. But for sheer suspense compounded of horror piled upon horror literature offers nothing more awful than The Pit and the Pendulum. The terror of the black pit would have sufficed a lesser imagination but to this, the macabre intellect of Poe, added the inescapable doom of the razor sharp pendulum and then piled on the rats and the moving walls of red hot iron until the edge of the unbearable is reached…

Produced and directed by: William N Robson

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Adapted for Suspense by John Dixon Carr