Pete's Thanksgiving

Pete's Thanksgiving

Broadcast: March 6, 1947
Added: Nov 26 2015

This is a heart-warming story about a Greek immigrant, Pete Dimitric and his American Irish wife who move to settle in James Port and open a restaurant . Dimitric has lived in America for twenty years and it has always been his dream to own his own business. But more important to him is that nobody should go hungry or starve. It is Dimitrics act of unselfish kindness that finally endears the businessmen of James Port to him.

At the end of the program Otto Kruger compares the story with a poignant quote he read in the Readers Digest recently by Wendell Wilkes:  

 "I Believe in America because we are generous without reason, because we hate no people and covet no peoples land, because we are blessed with a natural and varied abundance, because we set no limits to a man's achievements, because we have great dreams and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true". Wendell Wilke (1892-1944)