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Penny Lender

Penny Lender

Broadcast: 16th February 1951
Added: Apr 18 2014

This coming Sunday, marks the beginning of Crime Prevention Week. It's purpose is to call attention to the alarming fact that in this country, almost 5,000 major crimes are committed every day. That's more than 200 every hour. More than 3 every minute. The problem is made more difficult because as fast as the FBI and local law enforcement agencies succeed in putting seasoned criminals behind bars, new recruits step in to swell the criminal ranks. As fast as some go straight, others go wrong. 

In tonight's case, you will see where these recruits come from. Some are previously law abiding citizens who succomb to temptation. Others are borderline cases, hovering on the fringes of the underworld who finally decide to cross the border into crime.