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Broadcast: 31st May 1951
Added: Apr 16 2009
Overdrawn is the story of a man who tries to commit the perfect crime starring Dick Powell as Robert Farley who has worked in a bank for 17 years. There was never a day when he didn’t feel like a dead ant in a jar of honey. When the feeling got hard to handle he’d blow a weeks salary on a blond or a new suit but it didn’t help. Expensive things were like eating peanuts, once you started you couldn’t stop. Then one day the bank was held up and Teller number four, Johnson pressed the alarm causing the hold-upgang to let loose fire before fleeing. Everyone gathered round the injured teller but in the commotion Robert Farley secretly emptied the remaining $28,000 in his till in to his briefcase. However the new junior banker named Graves saw him do this and later approached him for half the money but Farley was the one who had endured 17 years in the bank and was not prepared to let anyone take the money from him.