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Outlaw Lawman

Outlaw Lawman

Broadcast: August 29, 1949
Added: Aug 31 2023

Four men had spent the night on Lost Hope Desert. Two of the men were lawmen and the other two were prisoners. Sheriff Bart Sanders and his deputy, Greg Morton had taken turns on guard, and while Idaho Keller had slept all night, Idaho's partner, Ward Verner had only pretended to sleep. Lying quietly by the water hole, Ward had worked steadily and methodically on the rope which held his hands together. His efforts were rewarded at daybreak... The Sheriff had told everyone before leaving that they were traveling a different route, so nobody would even think to look for the two lawmen out there in the desert. And the Sheriff had also talked too much in front of the outlaws, who now intended to take the two law men's credentials, and pull off the transfer of some gold - but without taking it to the planned final destination...