Outcasts Of Poker Flats, The

Outcasts Of Poker Flats, The

Broadcast: 17th May 1950
Added: May 16 2009

Bret Hartes writings of the days in 1849 became classics for his tales introduced characters and locales that were completely new.

In the Outcasts of Poker Flats Tom Simpson tells the tale of a group of people he met who were run out of Poker Flats considered to be black sheep. One of these, a gambler named John Oakhurst is a true gentleman who intends to lead the outcasts to Sandy Hook. On the way they meet up with Tom Simpson and his fiancé. Tom recognizes Oakhurst as the gambler who once showed him kindness and now repays the outcasts with much needed provisions as they hit adverse weather conditions and are forced to stay put.

Hostess: Jeanette MacDonald

Author: Bret Harte

Adapted for radio by: Virginia Cook