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Mythical Map, The

Mythical Map, The

Broadcast: September 20, 1948
Added: Apr 08 2023

It was a warm, clear afternoon as the Lone Ranger and his Indian companion, Tonto, rode leisurely along the trail leading to their camp in the hills outside of a little town. They had ridden for some minutes in silence, until the Lone Ranger began to discuss their plans to move south towards Eagle Pass in the next few days. There's a gang of outlaws operating near there, and the law hasn't been able to track them down. However, when they spot a smoke signal urging them to go to the Mission, they realize that the Padre must need the Lone Ranger right now, since this method of primitive communication had been agreed was only to be used when absolutely necessary! It was well after dawn when the Lone Ranger arrived at the Mission, where he found a man with a secret to tell...