Murder in 2952

Murder in 2952

Broadcast: 29 April 1952
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 13 2001
In this story we leap into the future to see how crime and detection may operate then. The date, the year 2952. Mankind has colonized the planets Venus and Mars and is mining uranium on Mercury while making trips of exploration to the more inhospitable celestial bodies, Saturn, Neptune, and the moons of Jupiter. But still, life is not so different than life today, there are still men and women, which means love, jealousy, hatred. And there are still crimes and criminals, which means a police force. People still live in houses even though they're very different than the ones we know. In the living room of one of these houses, a young woman is playing an ancient tune on an ancient musical instrument to an appreciative audience of one, John Mallowan, a field researcher for the World Biological Institute.

Reviewed by Kitty