Mrs. Rhinelander is Depressed

Mrs. Rhinelander is Depressed

Broadcast: January 24, 1949
Added: Jan 24 2021

Jane has been invited to dinner by Richard's mother tonight and is really excited about going to Mrs. Rinelander's beautiful home on Long Island estate. Then Richard turns up early to announce their plans have changed and that he will be taking them both out for dinner as Mrs Rinelander is feeling really low because her maid and butler have walked out on her. However, Irma misinterpreting things tells her boyfriend Al that Mrs. Rinelander is desperate and broke. Al and Irma decide that they will help the Rinelander's and report them to a charity organization!











. Mrs. Rinelander is depressed. Irma thinks the Rinelanders are broke. Marie Wilson, Joan Banks, Cy Howard (creator, producer, director), Parke Levy (writer), Stanley Adams (writer), Roland MacLane (writer), Lud Gluskin (music director), John Brown, Wendell Niles (announcer), Hans Conried, Gloria Gordon, Donald Woods, Myra Marsh. 29:42. Audio Condition