Mrs Mike

Mrs Mike

Broadcast: November 30, 1950
Added: Jan 15 2024

This is a true story that won the hearts of America first as a novel and then as a motion picture. A story so completely human as Mrs Mike is not so easily put upon the screen. Fashioning it called for every art and craft of the screen director Louis King appears to introduce the story.  Evelyn Keyes reprises her 1949 film roll as Kathy and Joseph Cotten stars as Sergeant Mike Flannigan of the North west Mounted Police. While visiting her Uncle John in Canada Kathy meets Sergeant Mike and they fall in love and marry. This heartwarming story tells the tale of life in the harsh conditions of the Canadian North and of their struggles with hardship, the remoteness and sometimes loneliness. But also of the people and friends they encounter in her husbands role of a Mountie which is all things including dentist and doctor! Life for Mrs Mike was so different from her life in Boston but their love gets them through their own personal tragedy. 

At the end of the show we are delighted with an appearance from the real Mrs Mike Flannigan who tells us how she came to tell her story and have it made in to a book and film.